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Will there be ice skating at Winter Realms NY?
Will there be ice skating at Winter Realms NY?

What is there to know about ice skating? Are tickets needed for ice skating? Can I bring my own skates?

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Don’t miss your chance to savor the spirit of winter with a glide around the ice while surrounded by dazzling lights.

Skating Tickets

When purchasing your Winter Realms tickets online there will be an option to add ice skating tickets to your order at checkout. If you have already purchased tickets for admission to Winter Realms and want to add ice skating to your experience, tickets are available for purchase on site. Ice skating is only available to those who have purchased tickets for admission to Winter Realms. Ice skating tickets must be purchased in addition to tickets for admission, as ice skating is not included, and should be purchased for the same time slot as your tickets for admission. Each ice skating ticket is valid for one guest’s skate.

Skating Restrictions

Ice Skating is only available to guests who are 3 years old or older. Any guest who meets that age requirement but is under 40 inches tall must be accompanied by an adult. To ensure this height requirement is met, children will be measured before entering the rink.

Unlike indoor rinks, our outdoor rink offers a pond-like skating experience with harder ice that may have divots due to weather. With that in mind, we ask that skaters be extra vigilant.

Skating Entry

Guests can ice skate at any point during their visit to Winter Realms (if rink space permits). Guests may also skate for as long as they like, as there is no time limit. However, we do have to clear the ice between 7:30 and 8pm every night to resurface the ice. Once you have exited the ice rink, re-entry is not permitted.


  • Skates: Skate rentals will be included in the price, but guests may bring their own if they choose.

  • Skates: Our ice skate sizes go up to US Men's size 12, if you need a size that exceeds that we encourage you to bring your own skates.

  • Assists: Assists will be provided for children and guests who are new to skating at no extra cost.

  • Helmets: Helmets will not be available, but guests may bring their own if they choose.

Ice Rink Rules

  • No shoes or boots allowed on ice unless approved by staff.

  • No food, drinks or gum allowed on the rink or rink surface.

  • Skaters are not allowed to carry children or secondary items on the rink (cameras, handbags, strollers, etc.).

  • Skating in a manner that endangers or interferes with other skater’s safety or pleasure is not allowed.

  • Skaters shall be alert to other skaters at all times and yield to slower skaters.

  • Skaters must keep moving. No sitting, lying or resting on the rink.

  • Roughness, excessive speeding, skating against the flow or weaving through other skaters is not allowed.

  • Hockey sticks and pucks are not allowed.

  • Jumps are not permitted.

  • Spins are allowed only at the center of the rink unless crowd size poses a safety issue.

  • Guests are not allowed to walk with ice skates on areas not covered by rubber matting unless wearing blade guards.

  • Kicking or chipping holes in ice/rink is prohibited.

  • Skate aids are for beginner skaters or those with a need only.

  • Private skating instruction and coaching is not allowed without approval.

  • Protective headgear is strongly recommended especially for young children and beginners.

Skating Spectating

For those in your party who prefer to soak in the ambiance without lacing up their skates, we've thoughtfully arranged a cozy viewing area equipped with picnic tables and warming stations where they can relax.

Weather Impacts

Warm temperatures are unlikely to impact the rink because it is cooled by a glycol system, but the attraction may need to temporarily close occasionally for the snow to be cleared. In the rare event that ice skating is delayed or canceled due to weather conditions affecting the rink, the rest of the activities offered at Winter Realms can still operate. In those instances, guests may choose to exchange their tickets to visit another time when ice skating is available. Those who do not exchange will automatically receive a refund for the ice skating tickets while their tickets for admission to Winter Realms will remain valid.

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