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Can I propose at Winter Realms at Winter Realms NY?
Can I propose at Winter Realms at Winter Realms NY?

Are marriage proposals allowed? Can I get engaged at Winter Realms?

Updated over a week ago

Congratulations! We love that you thought of us to be part of such an exciting time in your life! When it comes to proposing at Winter Realms, we hope your moment is magical and memorable. Due to logistical complications and the many requests we have to facilitate proposals, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate special requests.

Proposals in the Arctic Alcove

Our Arctic Alcove is designed especially for private, special moments such as proposals. This area of the event provides a quiet, romantic setting away from other Winter Realms guests, ensuring your proposal is a magical one.

Proposals in Winter Realms

If you wish to propose within the event, we just ask that you do not block or otherwise hold up any of the passageways or tunnels. And if you are looking to avoid crowds, we recommend visiting on a weekday and coming later in the night.

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